Things to Consider When Sourcing Custom Bronze Parts

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bronze leavesBushings play a vital part in a lot of industries. They have a lot of applications. They are essential for construction equipment, pumps, and agricultural machinery. They are vital to the equipment used in mining, injection molding, food processing, and machine tools fabrication. They are integral to home appliance manufacturing, iron and steel manufacturing, automotive and heavy-duty vehicle manufacturing, and many more.

Not all bushings are the same. There are different types of bushings available in the market. These bushings are made using a range of materials.

It is important to decide what material you want your bushings to be made from. You have to take into account the mechanical properties, physical properties, as well as the cost required in processing the material.

Bronze bushings seem to be one of the more popular choices.

Why do people prefer bushings made from bronze?

  • Bronze is versatile. It comes in many compositions and alloys.
  • Bronze bushings are strong and sturdy. They are hard and, thus, not easily deform.
  • They are tough and have a long life span.
  • They have a superior quality. They do not easily give in to strong impacts and shocks. They are resistant to wear-and-tear and friction.
  • Bronze bushings remain stable even at high temperatures. They lend themselves more readily to being machined.
  • Bronze bushings are corrosion-proof. Other materials tarnish or rust easily. If nothing is done to contain the rust, the material is likely to continue to corrode until it eventually disintegrates or falls to pieces.

Bronze bushings can resist rust. It is not surprising that they are the bushing of choice when it comes to ship propellers, small electric motors for boats and ships, and submerged bearings.

  • Bronze can undergo brazing and soldering.
  • Bronze bushings are an excellent choice for heavyweight work like rotational, oscillating, and sliding applications usually employed in gear boxes, shock systems, and auto transmissions.


Aside from choosing the right material for your bushings, you also need to order your bushings and other custom machined parts from a reliable and experienced parts manufacturing company.

These are the following things you should look for when sourcing your bronze bushings and other customized parts:

  • Look for a company that has a solid reputation for high-quality performance and reliable service for a substantial number of years. A Johnny-come-lately will not have the experience you want. Look for a trusted name in the industry. A company that has built trust and following over the years.
  • Look for a company that demonstrates an extensive range of resources and capabilities in this field. The company should show remarkable versatility when it comes to designing and crafting machined parts using bronze, as well as other materials.
  • Look for a company whose products consistently pass or surpass strict industry standards.
  • Look for a company that appreciates your need for exceptional craftsmanship and quick turn-around time.
  • Look for a company whose employees go out of their way to help you make informed decisions.
  • Look for a company that has a reputation for excellent, professional, friendly, and timely customer service.

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